Welcome to Latina

Innovation, dynamism and energy have been our
drivers since our early beginnings. We are in
constant search for new ways to supply the need
for renewable energy, through options that
generate the least impact on our natural resources.

Who We Are

Constructora y Perforadora LATINA (“LATINA”) is a
private company with over 60 years of experience in
the energy sector. Currently, it is the main geothermal
drilling company in Latin America. Our operation
started in 1947 in Mexico, with the drilling of oil wells;
after some time, we enhanced our operations to
drilling water, gas and geothermal wells. In 1983,
we went international with a geothermal project in
Costa Rica, and in 2005 we acquired two concessions
to explore, develop, merchandise and maintain
two oil fields in the Republic of Guatemala. 
Currently, our expansion on energy projects
continues within the American continent.











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The Future

Our goal is to consolidate our leadership in
geothermics and expand to other areas in the energy
sector, suchas oil, both in Mexico and at an
international level, with the purpose of becoming
one of the main private companies in the energy
sector in Latin America.


In 2009, we were awarded ISO’s
9001:2008 certification.


The North American Energy Revolution

Spicing Up the North American Energy Revolution

Oil Rig America acquires CP
Constructora y Perforadora Latina Completes Acquisition Of Offshore Jack-Up Drilling Rig B337 From Offshore Driller 1 For US$222.5 Million
CP Latina's New Offshore Drilling Rig
Constructora y Perforadora Latina S.A de C.V presents its new offshore jack up drilling rig B337 “La Santa María”, bought for $222.5 USDM from Keppel Fels